Friday, December 24, 1976

Testing.... test.... test...

Phew, lots to set up for this electrotype journal but I'm almost there! I have to be-- can't believe it's almost 1977!!!

Most of the microphones set up, I have scissors, pencils, crayons, glue,and Mom gave me some tape and Dad said I can have the paper when he's done. Grandma and Grandpa will let me monkey with old magazines if I want to.

For pictures I have some Polaroid films my sister said I can use but it's easier using the paper and magazines and catalogs. Real pictures would be cool, or off the TV! Maybe in the future you could get like a Polaroid of what's on the TV... woah.

The electronic parts are a bit confusing but the nice man at Heathkit helped, and I was real careful building everything... this might work! Note the universal radiotype letters ("URL" for short?) of this electrotype journal, and check back for updates!

I already read about some cool stuff coming up, look at this kid from the Lego catalog having so much fun with all that stuff.... wow. This is going to be a good year!